About Us

Who and what is Hipparoo? Honestly? We wanted a site that a) you would remember, b) that might explain what we do and c) would be available for us to use as a website, a name, a company, AND NOT cost us two arms and two legs and Mike’s oldest child.

We don’t believe in passing “frivolous costs” onto our customers and partners. It’s never been who we are. We are people, just like you, who care about ourselves, our families, our communities, our earth and all of us on it. It’s not just what we say, it’s what we believe.

We try to recycle everything we can. We try to reduce the amount of things we buy and consume. We try to be as efficient as we can, and we produce things we enjoy and that we believe you would really appreciate.

We have a wide array of capabilities stemming from decades of production, design, manufacturing and logistics. It’s why our breadth of product is vast: everything from kid friendly magnets and customized sports balls to box and luggage carrying straps to custom lighting.

Hipparoo is our way to show our diversity – from the gentle giant of the lakes and rivers to the wild Kangeroo, it’s who we are. Plus LlamBat just didn’t sound as memorable.

Our Brands

Make-A-Ball™ Easy

We’re happy to offer a line of predesigned sports balls in some of the most popular designs and themes. Each one can be purchased as is, or customized with your favorite person’s name or information.


These adjustable nylon straps feature either a metal or plastic connector and help make carrying things easier and safer. Depending on what you are carrying, you should purchase the line of HDV (tools and heavy items) or Standard (shopping and boxes).

We developed our straps to support what we, everyday people, would find useful. That means, when we go to a tradeshow, we use our HDV XL Straps to help us carry in multiple boxes and cases to avoid paying big drayage fees. We use our Standard plastic Strap-a-handles to help us carry toilet paper, paper towels, even dog food from big box stores to our car and into our homes. Some of us live in apartments and find using a strap-a-handle the best way to carry through doors, in elevators and upstairs without having to take multiple trips or constantly balancing items on knees or walls.

This Just In

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