Car Seat Transporter

Price: $7.99
The best way to travel with car seats!
Capacity: Up to 75 lbs.
  • 2” wide unbreakable Nylon strap
  • Stainless steel hardware D rings
  • Rated 75 lbs. carrying weight.
  • Great for travelers with kids
  • Most major car seats like Chicco, Clek, Graco, Britax and more
The Car Seat Transporter is the best tool to help parents carry car seats when traveling. It attaches to your suitcase for easy moving and makes travel in airports, baggage claim, train and bus stations and whenever walking simpler and safer.

Are you a parent with one, two or three babies, toddlers or some combination of the two? Are you a global or domestic traveler? Are you tired of lugging heavy car seats around airports, train stations and down sidewalks, while trying to corral your kids and luggage? If so, the Car Seat Transporter is for you.

This is a Strap system built for today’s heavy duty car seats (like a Clek Foonf or Fllo) that will help make your travel life so much easier. Simply attach your check in bag suitcase (it can be used with a carry-on if the seat is smaller or the bag is larger) using the existing straps on every car seat. Then roll away! That’s it. One hand to carry both your luggage and your car seat, and now, one hand to hold your child.

These will fit both soft and hard cases (although you will want to roll your four wheel cases on two wheels, not four). It is not advised to let your children sit in the car seat while you are rolling it, although you could place small articles in the car seat.

When you are finished using it, simply roll it up and store with the included Velcro.

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What Our Customers Say

santosh gorale
Nashik, Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed On 11-Jul-2019
Two Thumbs up!
Simple product that solves an annoying problem.

santosh gorale
Nashik, Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed On 04-Apr-2019

madhuri jadhav
pittsburgh, Maryland, USA
Reviewed On 14-Mar-2019
Worth it!
I love the simple and strong design. It is a little heavy but only because of the heavy duty quality of materials. This works well with any modern car seat whether it has simple snap hooks or the nicer buckle style latch and anchor connections. I couldn’t find this on ‘prime’ so I had to pay a separate shipping to the seller, but for the quality compared to similar products, I’d say it was well worth it.

santosh gorale
Nashik, Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed On 17-Feb-2019
Really sturdy product

santosh gorale
Nashik, Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed On 02-Nov-2018
Great product!
Saves me from having to lug my heavy car seat around the airport or try and balance it on a bag. I had gotten by with a bungee cord on a previous trip, but having something specifically made to serve this purpose worked so much better.

santosh gorale
Nashik, Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed On 08-Sep-2018
I can't imagine traveling again without this product. Straps right to my roller suitcase so that I can simply pull it along with the carseat anywhere I need when traveling.