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Best create your own refrigerator magnets. Die cut in unique shapes which your kids can design into the best and most amazing invitations, art projects or simple crafts. Accepts glue, stickers, markers, glitter, pens and all types of craft decorations. Sets are 5 pieces or can be purchased individually. If your child loves T REX, Mermaids, Baseball, football, unicorns, trains, planes or fairies, this is the must have decoration set. Great as a stocking stuffer, a party favor or a gift for a child who loves art. These customizable artistic magnets are great gifts, invitations or decorations for any locker, fridge or bedroom.
Sports Set $4.99
Awesome Custom Father’s Day Gifts!

Imagination Set $4.99
Great For Kids Birthday Parties!

Action Set $4.99
Fun for Kids of All Ages!

Animal And Dinosaur Set $4.99
Create Amazing Art for your Fridge!

Mix & Match 5 Pack $5.99
Create a Custom Set!

Mix & Match Set $1.50
Create a Custom Set!

What Our Customers Say

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Reviewed On 02-Jul-2019
My fridge is BEAUTIFUL!!!
My kids really had a blast decorating and displaying these. I got a sports set, action set, and an animal set and our fridge was filled with colorful creations within an hour!

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Reviewed On 19-Jun-2019
Will definitely order more!
My kids burned through the first two packs I ordered. Great for a rainy day!

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Reviewed On 29-May-2019

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Reviewed On 12-May-2019
Quality is OK.

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Reviewed On 14-Apr-2019
Just what I wanted!
Kids loved these

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Reviewed On 03-Mar-2019
Used for school project.
The imagination set was just what my daughter needed for her school project.

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Reviewed On 23-Feb-2019
Excellent idea

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Reviewed On 30-Jan-2019

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Reviewed On 22-Jan-2019
These magnets are AWESOME!

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Reviewed On 07-Dec-2018
Loved the Animal Set!
My two boys loved the Animal set with the T-Rex!

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Reviewed On 01-Sep-2018
Fun Party Activity.
Got these as a fun activity for my daughter's birthday party and they were a big hit and with all the kids. Would definitely recommend!

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Reviewed On 16-Aug-2018
My kids loved decorating these!
My kids loved decorating these!

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