Amazing decorate your own magnet sets.

Best create your own refrigerator magnets. Die cut in unique shapes which your kids can design into the best and most amazing invitations, art projects or simple crafts. Accepts glue, stickers, markers, glitter, pens and all types of craft decorations. Sets are 5 pieces or can be purchased individually. If your child loves T REX, Mermaids, Baseball, football, unicorns, trains, planes or fairies, this is the must have decoration set. Great as a stocking stuffer, a party favor or a gift for a child who loves art. These customizable artistic magnets are great gifts, invitations or decorations for any locker, fridge or bedroom.
  • Design your own Magnets
  • Create amazing invitations and cards - customize them yourself
    • 6” approximate size magnets
    • Uncoated for interior use / decoration
Sports Set $4.99
Awesome Custom Father’s Day Gifts!

  • Design your own Magnets
  • Mermaid, Unicorn, Fairy, Flower, & butterfly in each set.
  • Create amazing invitations and cards - customize them yourself
  • 5 different 6" magnets per set
  • Great craft set for kids 4+
Imagination Set $4.99
Great For Kids Birthday Parties!

  • Decorate and customize your own die cut magnets
  • 5 pieces, 6" diameter: Rocket, Truck, Car, Boat, and Plane
  • Create amazing invitations and cards - customize them yourself
  • USA made. Color, paint, glue or decorate anyway you like.
  • .2mm thick magnet craft kits for kids.
Action Set $4.99
Fun for Kids of All Ages!

  • 5 different pieces: T-Rex Dinosaur, Dog, Cat, Bear, and Triceratops
  • Create your own invitations and cards
  • Decorate with markers, glitter, glued items and more!
  • Customize your .2mm thick magnets with anything you can imagine
  • Craft kits – Made in the USA
Animal And Dinosaur Set $4.99
Create Amazing Art for your Fridge!

  • Design your own Magnets
  • Mix and Match 5 pieces from any of our magnet sets.
  • Create amazing invitations and cards - customize them yourself.
  • 5 different 6" magnets per set.
  • Great craft set for kids 4+
Mix & Match 5 Packs $5.99
Create a Custom Set!

  • Looking for the best magnetic craft kit for do-it-yourself artistic girls and boys? Our custom die cut magnets come in so many fun and whimsical shapes, which you or your children can decorate any way you like. Markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc. These amazing craft kits, feature 6” shapes where you pick the figures you want. You can make great refrigerator or locker magnets, as well as tremendous long-lasting invitations. Stick them on a refrigerator, washing machine, blackboard or anywhere that would attract a magnet. These are 2mm thick magnets.

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