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Dream Sign

Dream big and shine bright!
Size: 23”x14”
Weight: 3lbs
Price: $110.00
  • 23”x14”
  • Less than ½” thick, weighs 3lbs
  • Wall or Window mountable
  • 12V UL approved adaptor included on 6’ cord
  • Silicone tubing with LED lighting to simulate neon
  • Vibrant colors make it an amazing sign for any room
The Dream neon comes in vibrant colors constructed from diffused silicone tubing and LED lights for extra brightness. Powered by LED lights for low energy consumption. Excellent for a kids’ room or any room in your house. It is 23”x14” and less than ½” thick. It comes with hanging chain or can be placed on a shelf. It is light weight, at less than 3 lbs and also can be placed in a window.

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What Our Customers Say

sonali thete
PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed On 30-Dec-2018
I have never bought a neon sign before, but thought the DREAM sign would look nice in our playroom. Although it isn't actually neon, it gives off the exact same appearance and seems much safer than having a large glass sign hanging in the playroom. Would definitely recommend these signs!