Strap-A-Handle HDV XL

Price: $13.99
Ideal for construction!
Length: 7ft.
Capacity: Up to 75lbs.
  • 7’ adjustable length
  • Rated 75 lbs. carrying weight
  • Easy to use nylon strap with metal buckle
  • Able to fit boxes under 1.75’ (21”) per side
  • Great for carrying tools, ladders, wiring, hose, lumber or other long and skinny, hard to bundle items.
  • Also good for universally carrying heavier, bulky items.
7ft. long strap, with EVA soft foam handle. It connects with an easy to use metal buckle. Tighten after wrapping around box with a simple pull of the straps. It is perfect for carrying heavier, smaller items like hoses, cables, ladders or other tools.

Using a 2” wide unbreakable nylon strap, this easy to use system makes carrying your supplies and tools easier. It won’t make them lighter, but if you are tired of making multiple trips back and forth across the yard with your ladders, gardening tools, hoses, wires or bundles of tools, the Strap-A-Handle standard is a perfect tool. Carry 2-3 times more in one hand (double up and carry 6x! Stores easily for quick access. Makes a great gift for your friends and family who can use the convenience of an extra hand (to open doors, push elevator buttons, hold onto rails or coffee).

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