Strap-A-Handle Log

Price: $11.99
Great for stabilizing logs when hand splitting.
Length: 8ft.
Capacity: Up to 75lbs.
  • 8ft. long with a max capacity of 75lbs.
  • A great hand tool for stabilizing your log wheels prior to hand splitting them with wedge and hammer. The heavy duty adjustable nylon straps and metal buckle makes splitting wood easier and safer. The added handle is great for carrying logs and bundles of wood with one hand.
  • The high density 2" wide unbreakable nylon strap with easy grip foam handle is adjustable in length to ensure a tight fit around the object being secured.
  • Equipped with easy to use metal buckles with a capacity of 75lbs to ensure that the strap tightly secures your objects and does not come loose during use.
Step 1: Wrap the strap around the circumference of the log.
Step 2: Tighten.
Step 3: Hammer away as usual.
Step 4: As you break off pieces, remove them and retighten strap.
8ft. long strap, with EVA soft foam handle. It connects with an easy to use 2” plastic buckle. Tighten after wrapping around box with a simple pull of the straps. It is perfect for carrying lightweight (under 40 lbs) bulk paper towels, toilet paper or dog food from the store to your car, up some stairs and through the door. Adds a handle for products that often don’t have one. Carry 2-3 times more in one hand (double up and carry 6x!).

Easily stores in your car for easy access. Makes a great gift for your friends and family who can use the convenience of an extra hand (to open doors, push elevator buttons, hold onto rails or coffee).

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