Strap-A-Handle Standard $9.99
Great for everyday use!
Length: 6ft.
Capacity: Up to 40lbs.

Strap-A-Handle XL $11.99
Perfect for larger items or multiple boxes!
Length: 8ft.
Capacity: Up to 40lbs.

Strap-A-Handle HDV $11.99
Great for heavy, awkward shaped items!
Length: 4ft.
Capacity: Up to 75lbs.

Strap-A-Handle HDV XL $13.99
Ideal for construction!
Length: 7ft.
Capacity: Up to 75lbs.

Strap-A-Handle Long $14.99
Perfect for extra long, cumbersome items!
Length: 30” Shoulder Strap
Capacity: Up to 50 lbs.


We developed our straps to support what we, everyday people, would find useful. That means, when we go to a tradeshow, we use our HDV XL Straps to help us carry in multiple boxes and cases to avoid paying big drayage fees. We use our Standard plastic Strap-a-handles to help us carry toilet paper, paper towels, even dog food from big box stores to our car and into our homes. Some of us live in apartments and find using a strap-a-handle the best way to carry through doors, in elevators and upstairs without having to take multiple trips or constantly balancing items on knees or walls.

What Our Customers Say

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Reviewed On 07-Mar-2019
works well to lift awkward heavy boxes for seniors
My wife has an older heavy sewing machine in a storage box. Moving it is a pain. By using two of these straps my wife and I can move the sewing machine box without straining.

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Reviewed On 22-Feb-2019
Latching Mechanism Broke
The straps are very sturdy, however the latching mechanism broke the first time we tried to use it. Contacted the seller twice with no response from them. Glad we didn't have a lot of money invested in it and won't recommend this seller.

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Reviewed On 12-Feb-2019
Works well and resonably priced
I had to take a large box (new stroller) overseas and the strap just fit around the box. It made it very easy to handle and check with the airlines.

, ,
Reviewed On 24-Jan-2019
Perfect just expensive for what it is

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Reviewed On 16-Jan-2019
Great product and easy to use
We were travelling overseas and took a box with us of some family heirlooms. The strap made it so simple to use especially travelling.

, ,
Reviewed On 09-Jan-2019
Easy way to carry bulky items
This was a fabulous solution to an awkward dilemma. Folds up easily for storage until the next bulky load needs to move.

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Reviewed On 27-Dec-2018
Super handy for moving PCs
I used this to move my gaming PC several times and it was excellent for the job. Most cases don't have handles, and being able to add one temporarily with this product proved very useful. It's reliable, tough, and handy.

, ,
Reviewed On 13-Dec-2018
handy for traveling to airport
Works great on boxes when I travel. I take it off when I check in and stuff it in my backpack so I have it at baggage claim. Very handy and makes moving the box so much easier. Good product.

, ,
Reviewed On 12-Nov-2018
Good product
Well made! I will buy more as needed.

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Reviewed On 01-Sep-2018
This is a sky watchers best friend
I used this to wrap around my 10" dobsonian telescope to help me carry it. It works perfectly

, ,
Reviewed On 05-Aug-2018
Great handle for an odd heavy object
I bought this handle to carry an odd object which were long and fairly heavy (pole vault poles in carrier). It worked perfectly for what I needed. Shopped around quite a bit before buying and this was the best product that would have worked for my unusual need. Great value.

, ,
Reviewed On 29-Jun-2018
Three Stars
Did not work as hoped.

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Reviewed On 14-Jun-2018
Very good to carry checked box at airport
These worked perfectly to take a box with gear in it onto a plane as checked luggage. It helped me be able to take move my suitcases plus this box on my own out of SeaTac airport in the middle of the night to get stuff to my son. I couldn't have done it without them! Very pleased.

, ,
Reviewed On 16-May-2018
We have a telescope that is very heavy and needed ...
We have a telescope that is very heavy and needed to move it safely. These StrapHandles did the job with flying colors.

, ,
Reviewed On 13-May-2018
Four Stars
it does what I need it to do.

, ,
Reviewed On 11-May-2018
Three Stars
Works fine.

, ,
Reviewed On 24-Apr-2018
it works like it should
it works like it should. we use it to carry boxes specially when travelling. When i use it for traveling riding a plane, after i check in my luggage, i take it out, just in case someone steals it. the only thing is that needs working, like any strap its leftover. you kinda don't know what to do with it.

, ,
Reviewed On 13-Apr-2018
Five Stars

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Reviewed On 06-Apr-2018
So much potential but just is ok.
A strap this wide should be able to hold 500lbs. But this is rated at 40lbs. That is because of the cheap plastic clasp. It also is really hard to get tight because it doesn't have a ratchet of any kind. So much potential but just is ok.

, ,
Reviewed On 02-Apr-2018
Five Stars
works perfectly for traveling with cases of wine

, ,
Reviewed On 18-Mar-2018
easy to use and helpful

, ,
Reviewed On 04-Mar-2018
I am glad I got it!
They concept of this is a life saver. Even when I have 1 box to carry the handle makes it so much easier to carry. There is a struggle to customize the sizing for each specific use. The strap is does not adjust as easily as I would like and then there is the hanging left over strap that does not stay in place. Maybe there is a trick to it I have not discovered yet. Still happy with my purchase.

, ,
Reviewed On 29-Jan-2018
Five Stars
Love it, make moving/carrying boxes easy.

, ,
Reviewed On 28-Jan-2018
Works great!
Worked great to hold all my bedding together for our road trip and had a great handle!! Would buy again.

, ,
Reviewed On 13-Jan-2018
Great Idea.
Great idea for carrying awkward boxes. Strap slips a little on heavier loads. I'll need to work on that.

, ,
Reviewed On 08-Jan-2018
Broke on first day of use!
Great concept; however, the plastic buckle broke a few hours into its FIRST use. Too much hassle to fiddle with a return,.
If the components were metal, then the product would be perfect and would would purchased more than one!

, ,
Reviewed On 10-Dec-2017
Could be made better, to last longer!
A a strap it deserves a higher rating, however, cheap, thin plastic parts break easily. Better manufacturer would charge a little more, and make the product out of better quality materials.

, ,
Reviewed On 09-Dec-2017
Probably better than not having one of these to move a ...
Probably better than not having one of these to move a box however, a single strap across a large box doesn't support a cardboard box very well and the straps, even after tightening slide leaving the box in a "luggable" aspect to the surface of the world. This would work well if you were trying to dispose of a body, say a Democrat or Republican lawmaker.

, ,
Reviewed On 26-Nov-2017
Purchased strap to carry a 40" led tv. Did ...
Purchased strap to carry a 40" led tv. Did not work for what I had in mind. Need to straps with carrying handle in the center to prevent tipping. I was able to purchase a large carry bag, which works just find.

, ,
Reviewed On 01-Nov-2017
Five Stars

, ,
Reviewed On 30-Oct-2017
Very well made nylon straps with handles
It looks very well made. I haven't needed it yet, but I bought it to carry tv sets, microwave oven and regular oven and things in and out of the house. You can't get a hold of the boxes and I can carry stuff if it only came with handles... So I bought the handles.

, ,
Reviewed On 09-Oct-2017
not easy to use
not easy to use...the straps are awkward and slide...I did carry some heavy items with them but it wasn't worth the hassle

, ,
Reviewed On 07-Sep-2017
Good Product
Worked perfectly for the heavy item I needed to move to the basement.

, ,
Reviewed On 05-Sep-2017
Perfect for moving awkward and heavy stuff like a big ...
Perfect for moving awkward and heavy stuff like a big bag of dog food, case of drinks, etc. I bought one years ago and one of my kids borrowed it and never returned it. I bought 2 more and always have one set in the back of the car to assist with the moving of stuff!

, ,
Reviewed On 05-Sep-2017
It Worked Well
I used the device to help carry a box of deep fish back from Alaska.
It worked very well..

, ,
Reviewed On 19-Aug-2017
Love these things
Love these things. Im old and not as strong as i use to be and hands are a bit gimpy. These really help alot. Too bad they are a bit pricey with the shipping or i would buy more.

, ,
Reviewed On 19-Aug-2017
Love these types of strap carriers
Im old and not as strong as i use to be. Love these types of strap carriers. They really make things easier. Too bad they are a bit pricey.

, ,
Reviewed On 09-Aug-2017
Good Product.
Works as advertised, more or less.

, ,
Reviewed On 06-Jul-2017
Five Stars

, ,
Reviewed On 16-Jun-2017
Good carry strap
Does the job very well. Just wish there was a side strap.....I always think the package is going to fall out. Quality is well made.

, ,
Reviewed On 22-May-2017
Five Stars
Makes handling a large roll-up gym mat so much easier to carry.

, ,
Reviewed On 24-Mar-2017
So you can more easily distribute load between both hands
Incredibly handy. Every household should have two of these in the closet. (Why two? So you can more easily distribute load between both hands, or so you can use the second to provide additional strapping hold!)

, ,
Reviewed On 21-Mar-2017
Five Stars
works great.

, ,
Reviewed On 27-Feb-2017
The straps worked perfectly for what zI needed to carry ...
The straps worked perfectly for what zI needed to carry boxes to the airport for travel overseas. Took them off at check in and then re-used them to carry boxes at arrival destination. No problem.

, ,
Reviewed On 18-Feb-2017
Folds up nice and small,
Interesting. Folds up nice and small, as image. Comes in several sizes. easy to wrap, tension.

, ,
Reviewed On 09-Jan-2017
One of the most helpful items I own. No ...
One of the most helpful items I own. No more boxes sliding out of my arms or struggling to get crates down the attic steps.

, ,
Reviewed On 06-Jan-2017
makes moving easier
really handy to move large or bulky items

, ,
Reviewed On 04-Jan-2017
Five Stars
Fantatstic product

, ,
Reviewed On 26-Dec-2016
Handy-dandy strap
works as advertised.

, ,
Reviewed On 22-Dec-2016
Five Stars
Can't believe I waited this long to buy something so useful

, ,
Reviewed On 14-Dec-2016
A handle for my box
I bought it to use as a carrying handle for a display case I made. It appears to do exactly what I needed it to do perfectly.

, ,
Reviewed On 24-Nov-2016
not good for anything near the weight it says it good ...
Piece of s***, not good for anything near the weight it says it good for. Don't buy, find a plan B.

, ,
Reviewed On 22-Nov-2016
Five Stars

, ,
Reviewed On 03-Nov-2016
A definite purchase!
I love this handle. We use it on a pet "home" to carry my kitty-kat to-and-from places. Sturdy and secure.

, ,
Reviewed On 28-Oct-2016
AMAZING!!! Dont know how I lived without it!!!
Best thing ever! No really! I ship a lot of stuff, especially when I travel. It is cheaper to ship than pay for an extra bag when I fly. I learned to bring a box strap with me so I can easily pick up and carry around my boxes! Not to mention a life saver

, ,
Reviewed On 20-Sep-2016
Happy with product
Use to carry home safe, works well

, ,
Reviewed On 24-Aug-2016
Great product.
Love it. Using it as the handle for my luggage. Looks good and works great.

, ,
Reviewed On 19-Aug-2016
Five Stars

, ,
Reviewed On 14-Aug-2016
... with 2 cases of wine and these are the perfect straps to make carrying the boxes into the airport ...
We are traveling with 2 cases of wine and these are the perfect straps to make carrying the boxes into the airport easy. I am impressed

, ,
Reviewed On 19-Jul-2016
Not what it was designed for but sure works great!
I bought this strap as an aid for stroke victim to use to pull up in the bed--works perfectly by running strap over the headboard of bed and positioning padded handle above head--tighten up the fit and it stays snug--strong enough to pull on and fabric is nice enough that leaves no marks or scratches on the head board-and padded handle unexpected bonus for pulling. Have a sleigh bed headboard and this was plenty long enough-sure makes getting in bed easier

, ,
Reviewed On 10-Apr-2016
This item is great for carrying multiple small boxes
This item is great for carrying multiple small boxes. I sell toner for laser printers and this strap makes my delivery run a lot easier.

, ,
Reviewed On 14-Feb-2016
this really works nicely - I had an archery target whose handle broke ...
this really works nicely - I had an archery target whose handle broke and this did the trick for me - makes it really easy to carry

, ,
Reviewed On 30-Jan-2016
Five Stars
Makes carrying boxes much easier,

, ,
Reviewed On 22-Jan-2016
This product wants great. It makes things that don't have a handle ...
This product wants great. It makes things that don't have a handle much easier to carry. I have 3 of them.

, ,
Reviewed On 30-Nov-2015
Very sturdy and helpful
I really like this product. I live in a 3rd floor apartment and sometimes have to carry boxes up or down the stairs. I'm a little older now and I really like to have one hand on the railing for safety. The Strap-a-Handle makes that possible. It has a heavy duty sliding clip that makes it easy to position and snap and then snug into place. The nylon strap in wide and very sturdy and the thick padded handle makes it comfortable to lift and carry heavy loads. The only thing that keeps the product from receiving 5 stars from me is that it really needs a stabilizing strap across the middle. While I haven't had any loads come apart on me, it does take a little balancing sometimes. All in all, a very good product though.

, ,
Reviewed On 26-Oct-2015
Five Stars
Great deal and easy to use.

, ,
Reviewed On 09-Oct-2015
Five Stars
very helpful

, ,
Reviewed On 22-Sep-2015
These Handles are great for lifting / dragging very heavy boxes
These Handles are great for lifting / dragging very heavy boxes. I use it for boxes < 70lbs. Makes loading / unloading from a cart very easy when I check in the boxes at the airport. The handle feels like a neoprene material and works well. Construction is very solid and the strap itself is very strong.

, ,
Reviewed On 31-Aug-2015
need 2 straps to work
Good in theory but to carry anything for which you would need the strap, you actually need 2 straps or the cargo just twists around

, ,
Reviewed On 08-May-2015
Five Stars
Very handy!

, ,
Reviewed On 16-Mar-2015
Five Stars
Love it :)

, ,
Reviewed On 07-Jun-2014
Review of 8 ft strap handle
A throughly good idea if you have several packages to carry, especially of the bulky and oblong variety. I should have invented this myself !

, ,
Reviewed On 29-May-2014
i needed the 8 ft straps but could NOT find them anywhere.
finally turned to amazon and here they were.

ordered saturday and arrived thursday---ahead of original schedule.

i'm using it to help carry a large cat crate that had no handles and bulky to hold.

straps very wide, good quality and nice soft handle.

, ,
Reviewed On 12-May-2014
This item performs as advertised but needs stabilizing straps to keep the load from spinning out sideways from underneath the strap..

, ,
Reviewed On 05-Feb-2014
Great for large and irregularly shaped packages
Wish I had ordered a 6' and an 8' instead of two 8 footers as sometimes the 8' is to big for some irregularly shaped parcels.

However, as a 55 plus individual I really love being able to lug the Costco sized toilet paper and paper towels with one hand!

We keep one in the house and one in the car.

, ,
Reviewed On 20-Sep-2013
Worked Well to Bring a Large Carton on a Trip, Handle Could be Better
This strap handle worked very well to take a large flat package on a recent trip. The only problem that I experienced was that the foam rubber cushion on the handle was a little too soft, and so it slid around on the rigid core of the handle. Overall, I'm pleased with the product and it made taking the carton with me much more feasible, but the handle wasn't especially comfortable given the thirty, or so, pound carton that I had to carry about half a mile.

, ,
Reviewed On 25-Mar-2013
Strap on and go
This item comes in handy when having to move large boxes. We use them to carry medical equipment and supplies from one place to another. Very convenient carrier. Should have always had these. However, I also purchased a set from U-Haul which was a little cheaper due to the shipping cost here. But they both worked the same.

, ,
Reviewed On 26-Dec-2012
quick delivery
It arrived before Xmas, but it was a gift so I can not really review the item. The person I gave it to seemed pleased.

, ,
Reviewed On 18-Apr-2012
As a handicapped person carrying boxes is sometimes a chore. This product makes carrying packages easy. Even if your fully capable of using both hands this will free one up to carry that drink

, ,
Reviewed On 15-Aug-2011
CHECK out the Strap-a-handle website
The product is great. You might want to check out the Strap-a-Handle website directly for GREAT offers. Don't miss it.

, ,
Reviewed On 15-Jul-2011
Must have
A must have if you are moving or do anything that involves carrying a lot of boxes for whatever reason. I have a bad back and it has saved me a lot of embarrassment plus it allows you to carry more than you normally would without the strap. I used it to carry some dj equipment to a wedding from the truck and it saved me quite a few trips as I have a bad back.
Very durable, It is everything it is advertised to be and Amazon rocks!

, ,
Reviewed On 18-Mar-2010
Brilliant. I can't imagine living without one anymore.
I got a pair of these before moving house, and they've been such an asset. I can easily carry twice as many boxes, and without strain on the back. Holding a handle in each hand at my sides beats hefting things against my chest.

They're sturdy - I've carried air conditioners and a pair of old computers without any trouble. Attaching and detaching is a breeze, with the pair of strap adjustments and the large plastic clip. It's easy to pull it tight enough to keep a stack of small boxes in place, too.

If you frequently drop off/pick up parcels, or if you're moving and need to take a bunch of boxes up and down stairs, you'd be glad to have a pair of these.

May be available at