Carry Straps

ST - 6 ft. Carrying strap 2-Pack

Best for shopping trips, travel, and everyday use


Length: 6ft.
Capacity: Up to 50lbs.

8 ft. Luggage Strap with Handle 2-Pack

Best for travel. Keeps your suitcase safe and secure


Length: 8ft.
Capacity: Up to 50lbs.

HDV - 4 ft. Heavy Duty Carrying Strap 3-Pack

Best for carrying long, thin, and hard to bundle items


Length: 4ft.
Capacity: Up to 75lbs.

Car Seat Travel Strap

Best for carrying a car seat with your luggage or suitcase


Capacity: Up to 75 lbs.


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Reviewed On 12-Dec-2020
Well made and works great
This model has metal buckles which I wanted for extra security over the standard plastic snap buckles. No instructions were included but it's not too hard to figure out how to cinch the straps. I used them on a large telescope tube, about 10" in diameter, and two of them worked great to make lifting it so much easier. You can cut the straps if there is any excess and use a flame to seal the ends. I would highly recommend this particular version for heavier and longer items.

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