Shatterproof Neon

All You Need Is Love Sign $135.00
Perfect for a girls bedroom!
Size: 24”x24”
Weight: 3lbs

Imagine Sign $115.00
Great for a playroom or nursery!
Size: 22”x8”
Weight: 2.5lbs

Bar Sign $95.00
An eye-catching way to advertise your bar or restaurant!
Size: 15”x9”
Weight: 2.5lbs

Love Sign $135.00
Spread the love to any room!
Size: 18”x18”
Weight: 3lbs

Dream Sign $110.00
Dream big and shine bright!
Size: 23”x14”
Weight: 3lbs


Shatterproof neon, are actually a neon looking light up piece, perfect for your shelf, window or wall. They are die cut into different words and shapes and feature a low energy consuming LED and diffused silicone tubing. They’re great for any business, home or child’s room. They come with UL approved adaptors and are bright signs that won’t break and has not glass pieces, making it great for children’s rooms.

The Shatterproof neon come in vibrant colors constructed from diffused silicone tubing and LED lights for extra brightness. Powered by LED lights for low energy consumption. Excellent for a kids’ room or any room in your house. They are approximately 20” wide and less than ½” thick. They come with hanging chain or can be placed on a shelf. They are light weight, at less than 3 lbs. They also can be placed in a window.